Obama Administration To Halt Foreclosures

February 18, 2009
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Finally, President Barack Obama is stepping into the frontline to bring home the message that his federal administration is serious about staving off the wave of foreclosure.

Obama’s announcement of his administration’s plan to stop foreclosures surely brings a big boost to the housing industry of the United States, Such a move sparks hope for American households who need something to hold on to at this time when foreclosures is the rule rather than the exception.

The mechanism to prevent further foreclosure forms part of the economic stimulus package that the Obama administration is coming up with to save the national economy from crashing and at the same time save people who are heavily suffering…

Clean-Up Business Booming Due To Foreclosures

January 5, 2009
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The high rate of foreclosure may be bad news for homeowners but it spells good news for the cleaning-up industry which is presently experiencing a big growth thanks to the rising number of foreclosed properties. Clean-up businesses take care of cleaning and tidying up the properties after they are foreclosed.

Research shows that there are hundreds of cleaning up companies registered online and the number is still growing.  Florida’s Cyprexx Services, a clean up company, has even been listed by Entrepreneur Magazine on its list of “Hot 100 fastest growing Businesses” for 2008. Cleaning up a foreclosed property can cost a minimum of $2,000 but the figure can go up depending…

Is foreclosure the only option?

December 22, 2008
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At this time when homeowners are neck-deep in mortgage one could not help but think if foreclosure is the only option. There is another option though which is becoming popular all overt the country—short sale.

Over 3,000 calls every month is being received by the National Short Sale Center from all over the country from homeowners who want to know if short sale is a better option than foreclosure.

Short sale is a win-win option because the homeowner avoids damage to his credit arising from foreclosure.  This is also favorable for banks which may end up with more losses if the home is foreclosed.