Industry Players Urged To Team Up To Avoid Foreclosures

February 12, 2009
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Crisis is a time of uniting forces to survive.  People can be effective alone but they can become efficient when working as a team.

The challenge for industry players is to ride out the property bubble burst which has sent mortgage into a meltdown with defaults running high because property owners could no longer afford to pay due to soaring interest rates.

Then why not create a team to fight foreclosures, save the property for the owners and at the same time rake in monetary opportunities out of the service?  Your team might someday be honored for saving the American dream of home ownership while also saving professional careers.

You can group together professionals who have…

Foreclosure Worse Than You Think

January 30, 2009
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If you think that you have seen the worst year for foreclosures then wait until you hear that the housing industry may be in a shape far worst than what you originally thought. It seems that the banks have been very lazy in listing down the properties it already owns which indicates that there may be more foreclosures than what is gleamed in the housing inventory. Perhaps the banks are just lazy or they might be fearful that the actual number of foreclosures and home inventory may further depress the real estate market.

HIS Global Insight analyst Pat Newport said excess housing inventory is the industry’s biggest problem because it further…