The Five Essentials of Commercial Real Estate Success

December 29, 2009
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Commercial Real Estate Success

Everyone tends to forget the basics in favor of the “flavor of the month”. Here are the five essentials of commercial real estate success (randomly listed):

1. Show Up

- Give a number of hands that can affirm that they show up everyday ready for work. This one is so simple. Show up professionally dressed ready for work. Of course, you will have to dive in and actually take action steps in order to accomplish something.

2. Return All Calls

- Some only pick and choose the ones they suppose are important, some simply ignore all calls figuring if it’s important the caller will try and call again and some only return all calls only when they find time.

How can anyone possibly know which call could have the potential to lead to business? Returning all calls receive would help you determine the potential business partners. You may do this by yourself or by your assistant.

3. Take Massive Action

-Each morning jot down the action steps you need to accomplish before the day ends. Dive in and start checking them off one by one. This will only work if you allow yourself a good chunk of uninterrupted time.

4. Implementation Supersedes Perfection

-As people get more experienced they tend to top in their tracks more often than not. The longer we are in the business - the more perfect we feel we should be. What happens then is we almost get afraid to take action steps if they are even one-fraction away from perfection. When we are a beginner, we don’t know what perfect is yet so it’s easier to just jump in and do it.

Get back into the habit of “just doing it”.

5. Continue Sharpening Your Skills

-Some of us get so darn complacent; we actually begin to believe we know it all. Being a life-long learner has actually been proven to extent your life. Have a list of skills you would like to learn or simply improve.

These five essentials of commercial real estate will surely be of great help for you.