Firefighter From Jackson Hole Puts His $735,000.00 House On A Raffle

August 11, 2009
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Man attempts to raffle his Jackson Hole home

Brad Bradley, a National Park Service firefighter, is planning to move to Virginia where a new job is waiting for him. Unfortunately, he’s having some problems selling his house that actually suffered in the market for a year now.

Brad Bradley was not able to find a decent buyer of the said house which costs $735,000.00 simply because of the poor location that has a depressed real estate and tight credit market. The $725,000.00 house is located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and is furnished with three bedrooms and two baths. Because of this challenge, Brad Bradley has just decided to put the house on a raffle where he will be selling tickets for $100.00 each. Brad Bradley will be selling a total of 15,000 tickets but needs to sell at least 10,000 tickets before the raffle could push through. The goal of Brad Bradley for this event is to break even his mortgage and pay for the winner’s closing costs and income taxes.

Jackson Hole Volunteer Firefighters Association will be handling this event on October 1.