Real Estate Starts To Recover From Recession Slowly But Surely

September 24, 2009
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Housing construction hits highest in 9 months

The real estate economy has experienced slumps because of the recession, but the good news is, there are evidences that it has already ended. One proof that supports this allegation is the sudden increase in housing construction last month and the reduction of laid off workers last week.

The economy is indeed starting to recover from recession though the healing seems slow and fragile. The unemployment rate were lessen but still far below the level of being a healthy economy, and the rise in housing construction are mainly on the apartment and building category. But still, these are all good signs of an improving economy. These are all backed up by a data showing an increase of 1.5 percent of single family home construction and 2.7 and 15.8 percent increase of permits applications for building and multifamily units respectively.

These increases were slowed down by the douse on the previous months where overall housing dipped 0.2 percent.