Strict Immigration Laws Hasten Real Estate Collapse In Prince William

March 16, 2009
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Property Values

If you think that stricter immigration laws will ease the country’s economic problems then you are wrong.  At least, from the point of view of Prince William County residents who are blaming the strict immigration laws for the negative consequences to the County’s real estate and housing industries. The dip in property values in Prince William County has been blamed on the loss of immigrant residents as a result of the stricter laws for immigrants.

Immigration laws have been blamed for the large number of legal and illegal immigrants living the country. The County’s foreign-born population has dropped by 6% in 2007. Compare this with the 7% increase in immigrant population in neighboring Fairfax County. The reason? Prince William County has an anti-illegal immigration law while Fairfox does not have one. Close neighbor Manassas is following the strict immigration laws in Prince William by checking on the immigration status of all persons who are arrested by the police for a state or local law violation.

With stricter immigration laws, gone are the boarding house style houses, With the immigrants leaving their jobs, locals now have more chances of getting employment.  However, the strong anti-illegal immigrant is also being blamed for hastening the collapse of the County’s real estate market. Members of the Prince William stay-at-home moms group condemned the anti-illegal immigrant measures saying this could create a climate of fear and racism.


One Response to “Strict Immigration Laws Hasten Real Estate Collapse In Prince William”

  1. Zorro says:

    Illegal aliens should not have been given mortgages in the first place. If enforcing the law has had something to do with the housing collapse then I welcome it! This is what is known as a CORRECTION because the market was INFLATED by the flood of illegal aliens getting mortages with NO ID and NO DOWN PAYMENT from the likes of Wells Fargo. I ditched my Wells Fargo mortgage simply because of their pandering to illegal aliens and I will continue to take my business ELSEWHERE when I see a company cater to people here illegally.

    It’s time for America to take care of Americans and put Americans first and the scumbag businesses that resorted to bailouts to take our hard earned cash deserve to FAIL and deserve to see that Americans will not pay into this corrupt system on April 15th.