Overcome Real Estate Prospecting Resistance in Three Ways

April 27, 2010
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Three Ways to Overcome Real Estate Prospecting Resistance

There are many reasons for resistance to prospecting; one solution does not fit all.

Here are three approaches to help Realtors overcome prospecting reluctance or resistance:

1. The visceral approach.

This relates to the feeling you get in your body when you think about going prospecting. For instance, if you feel reprehensible when you experience rejection, you might feel a knot in your stomach when you think about prospecting.

The vital facet of the visceral approach is to focus on the feeling, not the reason.

2. The prospecting personality approach.

There are a lot ways to do prospecting. It behooves a real estate agent to find what feels good to them and work it, even if it feels like it’s not an instant bribe.

To play the game that builds a pipeline, assess your personality traits and understand your strengths and weaknesses in terms of each type of prospecting.

3. The sales confidence approach.

Many of the people jump from prospecting program to prospecting program looking for a magic way to attract business to us without having to ask for it.

Most real estate agents avoid sales training for the simple reason that they don’t like selling.