Home Staging is Always a Must

March 3, 2010
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Sellers: Staging is a Must

You may not have the funds to hire a professional stager, but every home seller can follow a few helpful staging tips to make sure their house looks like a buyer’s dream home.

As a seller, you must put on a positive first impression on your home. In order to do this, you repair, clean, and strategize marketing for your open houses, but home staging takes it one step further.

Here are some tips on how to stage your home the right way:

Declutter: Less is more. Grab a box, label it “living room” and go through and remove the unnecessary decor. Remove family pictures and trinkets. A buyer needs room to see their lives in your home, not themselves in your life.

Remove Furniture: Bulky pieces, or too many furniture items, can clutter the buyer’s vision of the room. There should be enough furniture to clearly spell out what the space is intended for (e.g. dining room), but not so much that the room seems smaller than it is.

Fireplaces: If your fireplace is stained black, a cheap and easy fix can be paint. A simple white or cream can compliment many modern styles.

Avoid Themed Rooms: Resist the temptation to redecorate your den in the theme of your favorite sports team, or make your daughter’s room a princess palace. A single buyer will have a hard time imaging their exercise equipment next to all that pink.

Keep it Neutral: This doesn’t mean monotone taupe, beige, and more eggshells. It means have the walls painted a neutral and then accent with color throughout the rooms with pillows, throw, artwork, and minimal accessories.

Clean Again: This should go without saying, but deep cleaning is an essential part of staging. Febreze is your friend. If you have animals in your house, you may have become acclimated to the odors. Consider having your carpets cleaned.

Use these tips for your home staging and you will surely impress your prospective buyers.