Find Out How to Prospect Expired Listing

May 14, 2010
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How to Prospect Expired listings

Prospecting expired listings can be the heart of anyone’s business in the real estate field. You can create a scheme that will give you repeatable results for your effort. Here are three very positive characteristics in prospecting expired listings.

They are easy to find:

The expired listings come up every day, so you will constantly have a handful that you can work with on a daily basis. They provide a steady stream of new leads to contact for listing appointments. There are also usually a few very heavy days each month.

They want to sell:

Expired listings were on the market at one time, unlike many other types of clients you will contact. The owners had a plan laid out to sell and move.

Consistency Attitude Persistence

The first part is consistency:

You must consistently work expired listings. For you to achieve a large return on your time invested, you must work diligently for a minimum of four weeks straight. Expired listings cannot be started and stopped without losing momentum.

The second part is attitude:

Your attitude plays a crucial role in your success working with expired listings. You need to convey to the seller an attitude of compassion and problem solving.

The last, and at times most critical, is persistence:

Your persistence or ability to stick with it can have the most positive results of all. Many expired listings do not set appointments right away with Agents. Sellers will wait a week or two, maybe even a month.