Do-It-Yourself for Your Home to Increase Its Value

September 26, 2010
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Weekend Do-it-Yourself Projects

Similar to many other homeowners you may be looking for simple do-it-yourself projects to trim up your home or to increase its value.

Curb appeal is another way of saying your home’s “first impression.” It can affect your home’s value and salability. One by far overlooked element can be your driveway, sidewalks and steps. Dirt, oil and grime can darken and stain your concrete, which gives it the appearance of being untidy. This is not a first impression that sits well with buyers. But there is a simple solution for this.

Power washing your concrete can be a great way to renew its look. You can rent a machine at your local Home Depot or local home improvement store. You could also buy one for use over and over again. One more concrete solution can be using stain. This is as simple as choosing the color, buying a gallon and then rolling it onto your surface.

Another great curb appeal booster is your front door. Many homeowners make the design a mistake of picking a color that matches the house and draws back into the background. For just a few dollars and an hour’s work, you can make your front door perceptible and more welcoming. Consider selecting a bright or contrasting color.

Inside the house, a swift fix can be changing and updating light fixtures. Nothing says dated like track lighting. Safety first, however, so be sure to turn off the breaker before you start working with anything electrical. Next, take out any light bulbs in the fixture to avoid broken glass. And finally unbolt and unscrew plates and mounts.