Live in the Tulip Hills

June 8, 2010
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Tulip Hill, Estate of the Day

The Tulip Hill is a Georgian plantation house built by Samuel Galloway circa 1756. It is on nearly 52 acres that includes water frontage and pier and includes terraced gardens and manicured grounds.

The wings were added to the house between the years 1787-1790 enlarging the Tulip Hill into its final and present five-part form by appending the two end wings and a pair of connecting hyphens. The plantation house remained in the possession of the Galloway family until 1886. The five-part composition has a full stone basement under the entire structure. The central block is two full stories with a high unfinished attic and double hipped roof. The two brick end wings, built at right angles to the main axis are two stories of lower height than the main house.

The two brick connecting the hyphens are one storey with very low attic space and are covered with gable roofs that have small dormers. A whimsical note can be found on the pediment of the porch which is supported by four columns and contains a carved figure of Cupid.

The house was little altered during the nineteenth century and has never undergone extensive restoration. You don’t get much more American authentic than this beauty.

The Tulip Hill is being auction with a suggested opening bid of $1.65 million.