Actress Milla Jovovich Sold Her House In Beverly Hills, CA For $2.75M

September 4, 2009
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Actress Milla Jovovich sells her four-bedroom, 3,582-square-foot house in Beverly Hills, CA for $2.75M

Milla Jovovich, a model and actress, has recently married a director named as Paul W.S. Anderson but before that, she was reported to sold her four-bedroom house in Beverly Hills, California back in June 2009 for as much as $2,750,000.00

Milla Jovovich has acquired the French Country-style house for approximately $1,800,000.00 which is exactly located at 9712 Heather Road, Beverly Hills. It was originally built in 1975 and features a formal dining room, hardwood and stone floors, four bathrooms, high ceilings, grand master suite with an old Hollywood style dual bathroom with large walk in closets, and sitting room. It also has an outdoor featuring a flag shaped lot on the end, clover shaped pool and spa, lit mature trees, and canyon and city views.

This house was first listed for as much as $3,299,000.00 before a non celebrity Asian-American couple purchased it for $2,750,000.00. Aside from this house, she has also purchased several properties in Florida and Los Angeles including her current 4,026 square foot house in Beverly Hills which she purchased back in 2004 for as much as $2,223,000.00.


2 Responses to “Actress Milla Jovovich Sold Her House In Beverly Hills, CA For $2.75M”

  1. itsthetruth says:

    People say she has talent but she doesnt really its a big illusion, most of her films she has acted poorly and the ones where she has done better she has been nothing more than mediocre, her singing voice is very average to slightly above average, of course the minute she is criticized her nazi fans come out of the woodwork to say that the person critcizing should get a life or that they are jealous whihc probably most of the time isnt the case, there are plenty more talented people than her who just don’t seem to make it as she seesm to have, although she isn’t really a household name.

  2. ted says:

    you’re right. get a life.