Build Your Own Cord Wood Home

February 12, 2010
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What You Will Need to Build Your Own Cord Wood Home!

Recently, many potential homeowners are facing the tough financing situations. The government does not seem to have any workable solutions and seems to just get us further into the ravine of recession other than allowing big banks to run even further off the course. The following strategies might just help you build your own green home.

Build a cord wood home

Saving a lot of money via building your own cord wood home is easier than you could possibly think. First, cord wood construction is simply using lengths of firewood (cord wood) embedded into mortar structure. This wood is built into the wall in a perpendicular fashion and creates a wall that is about a foot or so thick, whatever length of wood you cut.

The reason that cord wood construction is most appealing is that it is cheap and requires little skill to complete. You simply lay a layer of mortar down and place the cord-wood at intervals in the mortar and then mortar around the cord wood to embed it in the wall.

Tools you will need to build your own cord wood home

The basic tools you will need to construct your cord wood home are listed below:

* A chainsaw- this will help cut the cord wood to precise lengths

* Masonry tools- including mixing tools like a wheel barrow, shovels, trowels and gloves

* Elbow grease- this form of construction is labor intensive and takes more time than conventional means.

Remember that this list only pertains to the wall portion of construction and does not include the tools that are needed for the construction of the footing or foundation, nor the roof and roofing materials. Once you have the tools you need, all you need to do is assemble the cord-wood in the form of poles, cut the length and start building the walls of your new and low cost house.