New York Counties With High Property Taxes

June 14, 2009
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Not everyone can have the privilege of living in New York’s well-manicured lawn homes so these streets are always a source of envy. Garden City in New York is just 20 miles east of Manhattan and is populated by as many as 21,672 persons. However, those who live behind these picture-perfect homes are being levied high property taxes.

Residents of Nasau County, which is the fourth highest when it comes to property tax rate, pay 8% of their annual income or an average of $8,153. This is however cheap compared to Little Falls which has the highest property rate in the country. Residents of Passaic County in Little Falls spend 8.8 of their average income for property tax payments. Also included in the list of counties with high property tax rates are Union County and Essex County both in New Jersey and Westchester County in New York.

New York City seems to be the haven not only of the famous but also rich homeowners who can afford high property taxes considering that the City is home to five communities with the five highest property tax rates. George Washington University public policy professor David Brunori said local government especially in New Jersey do not have a lot of revenue options since there is no option for local sales tax or local income tax so it has to rely on property and business taxes to support its coffers.


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