Rumored Haunted House In Stockton Sold For $120,000

January 8, 2009
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A house in 1002 North Pershing Avenue in Stockton, California which has been rumored to be haunted has been sold in April last year for $120,000. The house, which was built in 1925, has passed the hands of several owners since February 19, 2002 when it was sold for $210,00 and then in September 29, 2006 when it was sold at a profit for $360,000 and then in November, 2007 when it was sold for $257, 550. However, barely five months after it was bought, the new owners sold it for less than half of the purchase price.

The neighbors are saying that the house is haunted but a Stockton realtor denied the rumor saying she has shown the house many times and have spoken with the owners who said the house is fine and not at all haunted. Rumors that the house was haunted may have circulated because the house looks like a castle.  It even has the look of a haunted house, the realtors said.

She said there has never been any death in the house as confirmed by the present owners.  However, she admitted that there are real estate agents who will not show the house because of the rumors. The 1,964-square meter house with a 7,405 square feet lot area has 3 bedrooms and 1 and a half bath.


6 Responses to “Rumored Haunted House In Stockton Sold For $120,000”

  1. Jeanne says:

    If the house is not haunted, then why did so many people buy it and the sell it so soon? Anyway I would buy it and ask a producer if they would like to make a scary movie with It….. Only if I could be in the movie!!!

  2. Monique says:

    if it is not haunted then why put in on here then im looking 4 and house that is so i can investigate and poeple 2 help to

  3. bella says:

    i pass by this house everyday,and it does look haunted by the way its build. IT IS HAUNTED!

  4. bella says:

    this is not the exact same picture of the real house , i dont know why they wont show the real picture of how the house loook like .it’s notified that the house is really haunted . the Stockton realtor denied the rumor that its not haunted is because they WANT to sell the house , DHA . people now and days aren’t stupid, im a teenager , and i’v pass by this housee every morning to go to skool , and when i come back home , there’s ALWAYS a yardsale , like last year , they were fixing up the house , for some reason, but still today it looks the same. its wierd why the neighbor dosent move out since they know that the house is haunted.i would be scared to live around victory park , CREEEPY ! i just want to know more things that happend , and they need to post up pictures of how the house really looks like, i want to see the inside tooo (:

  5. ScaryMary says:

    Hmmm I wouldn’t mind, I think it looks wonderful:) There’s allways some ways to get rid of the ghosts if you don’t want them there… I would buy it!

  6. scary blue eyes says:

    id so would wwant this house so what if it looks haunted id so would make a haunted ouse out of it for halloween and free for all ages to come to it then dureing christmas decerate it like a santas work shop and hire ms clause and santa and elfs and do artand crats for kids and have ms clause bake cookies and have a lil store in one room for lil kids to go buy there family chrismas gifts;