House Sitting, Anyone?

March 28, 2009
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The increasing number of foreclosed properties has given rise to more vacant homes that are prone to looters. It has also resulted to the further devaluation of home values. However, there is one way to protect vacant homes while maintaining its value and that is through home sitters. This is a strategy resorted to by lenders who want to retain the lived-in value of the foreclosed homes.

Allowing home sitters will also provide some sort of income albeit minimal. By charging people with a minimal rent of as low as $400 per month you will be able to get someone to maintain a vacant property. Aside from the monthly rent, house sitters also pay for the utilities, the home’s upkeep and homeowners fees.

Home sitting is not for everyone though because it requires someone who can vacate the home in as little as five day’s notice. This is a great option fro people who want great homes with very affordable rents.


3 Responses to “House Sitting, Anyone?”

  1. Barbara F. Perkins says:

    Recently heard about “housesitters” and I am intereted in receiving more information. I am i nterested in homes in the San Diego area. I am a mature, responsible single female, no children or pets. Thank you.

  2. camille Huggins says:

    Interested ..the Fort Lauderdale location. I have been in Proerty management. Single non smoker

  3. cyndy says:

    I live in south florida and would like to house sit for someone either on the west or east coast. I am an older women with a masters degree, very responcible, clean, organized. no pets and non smoker. I am self employed and can move out with a few days notice.